Stanton, Arizona

Headed to Stanton Az with my Mom and Dad last Wednesday Nov. 11, 2009. My Dad seen a story in the paper one day telling about how it use to part of the old stage coach wrought with some old buildings. Once known as Antelope Station, Stanton experienced gold rush fever in 1863 in the form of a gold strike. What was once a stage stop transformed over night into a western boomtown thanks to its rather large deposits of gold. Located about twenty miles north of Wickenburg, Stanton is, today, part of an RV park, but still retains its ghostly allure for travelers in search of an authentic Arizona ghost town experience.

After Stanton we headed over to Congress Az for a bight to eat at the Congress Café the service sucked but the food was awesome.

Congress Az is another two building town two restaurants and a small general store. Congress Az is a gold-mining ghost town, now serves as a retirement and bedroom community for nearby Wickenburg. Gold was discovered at Congress in 1884. By 1893, the Santa Fe Railroad passed within three miles of the mine, at Congress Junction. Congress boomed, and remained prosperous until the mid-1930s, when the mines closed. Total gold production at the Congress mine exceeded $8 million, at the then-current price of $20.67 per ounce—or about $400 million, at the 2007 price.
A Windmill outside Stanton Az.

Old Rock building in Stanton Az

 Directions To The Stanton Ghost Town.

From Phoenix. Take US 60 (Grand Avenue) Northeast to Wickenburg which is about 53 miles from Phoenix. At Wickenburg, take US 93 West to Arizona 89. Take Arizona Route 89 North. Turn right onto Stanton Road and travel about 15 miles to Stanton.

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