Building New

Tuba City Arizona

A few weeks ago four tornados swept through Arizona one just happen to land 24 miles south of Tuba City on State Route 264. The one tornado took out three 345,000 volt transmission power lines and damaging two other transmission lines foundations. With power no longer going to California and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger  not happy.

With someone losing half million dollars a day.

 APS together with its subsidiary construction contractor EC Source to rebuild.

With in three week of the lines being destroyed building a new road to bring all the equipment and crews in on. Crews worked from sunrise to sunset rebuilding new power line structures from scratch. Pouring new foundation and stringing new lines and joining new and old together. With power lines rebuilt and with power once more running through lines it will find it’s way back to California once more.  

Moving the tower to a new foundation. 

Getting ready for the lift.  

Hooking up the lines for the move 
Shack in middle of nowhere 

Lift wont go that high had to climb the last 10 feet. 

345,000 Volt Transmission power lines  
The New Power Line Tower
The old tower after a tornado took it out with 2 other’s.
Almost done 

The new tower's going up 

Downed power lines no power in theses lines.
But may have static electricity present.  

Building new 

Sun Setting 
It's coming  
The Big Crane  

United States Power Grid

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