Dugas Arizona

Job # 2031
Is located in Yavapai County.
Dugas is 3,930 feet above sea level.

A total of 6 prescribed burns totaling approximately 13,000 acres are prepared for the Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 burning season. This includes 2,600 acres south and west of Prescott, 3,500 acres near Goodwin, 200 acres near Horse Thief, 3,400 acres at Campwood, and 3,300 acres south of Cherry.

These burns will be carefully implemented and monitored to assure that they minimize human health effects and meet resource objectives.

Public and fire fighter safety is our first priority in working though the burning season. Patience, understanding and flexibility will increase our community success.

Stringing new wire on new poles

Crossing I-17

Cordes Junction in the far.
Not Gold

The fence controller lead-out wire carries voltage from the (hot) fence terminal to the fence. A jumper wire carries voltage from one electrified fence line.
Dead Deer

Hi Flying Jet
Arizona Sunset
Till Next Time

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