House of Apache Fire

This 286 acre property known now as Red Rock State Park is the legacy of Jack and Helen Frye whom called it Old Smoke Trail Ranch. They flew over this property in 1941 in their gleeming Lockheed Electra 12A and decided to build a life here.
Helen and Jack Frye had purchased the Ranch in 1941. Jack Frye was the president of Trans World Airlines and he and his wife used the site as a retreat from the East Coast where they lived. The property has a variety of panoramic views of the Sedona red rock formations. The land is divided by a meandering 1.4 miles of Oak Creek that is lined with lush green riparian habitat.

In the early 1970’s, a developer purchased the remaining 330+ acres of the Smoke Trail Ranch from Helen Frye. The developer intended to build a resort complex, but a shortage of funds caused them to lose the property. In 1976 Eckankar, a religious group that Helen Frye was a member of, became owner of the property. Eckankar (described as an “alternative religion”) was developing the property as a religious retreat for their members

House of Apache Fire above Oak Creek in 1982.


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Thank you very much for your interest in the House of Apache Fires, and the notations on Jack and Helen Frye. Your efforts and that of many others greatly help their memory and legacy remain current in our new modern world. Randall Reynolds Creator of the Jack and Helen Frye Story, historical liaison with Red Rock State Park in Sedona.

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