Castle Hot Springs

Job # 2033

Putting in new poles 

Old Bed  
My Nissan Titan  

Wild Burro's all over the place  
Found this full Budwiser Beer 
String new wire 

Working high 

New power lines going in 
Wire Truck 

Old Air Force plane flying over 
Found your car 
Trash Dump 
Some old secret under ground government entrance back in the JFK time. That leads to an under ground rail system that takes you to Castle Hot Spring Resort. It was used to take JFK out of the hotel just incase some thing ever happened. I was sworn not to tell where the entrance is located.  
Some old fenders 
Old bottles 
Old glass Gatorade bottle 

The End !

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Anonymous said...

Since it was before he was president I doubt the money would have been spent to build an underground railway.