Pro LED Series Lighting System

Now you can own the best mountain bike lighting system that money can buy. It is recognized by riders, retailers, and lighting manufacturers alike that light specifications, for night riding, it varies with the type of ride you do. This will be considered the best lighting system for 24-hour mountain bike racing. You will  have run times and light output levels that are different and sometimes very much different, than what is considered best for say casual riding, commuting, or even training.

Until now the Pro LED Series from Nite Rider, there has not been one lighting system versatile enough to meet the wide range of riding requirements. Riders have multiple light systems manufacturers incorporate awkward techniques such as complex button pushes to skip or eliminate light levels. All in an attempt to overcome the limitations of their lighting systems and then sell them as being more versatile than they are.

The Pro LED Series is groundbreaking. It has added something never previously available in a cycling light unlimited flexibility. No longer will the rider be limited by a manufacturer's specifications and designs. The D.I.Y. Software allows the rider to design his or her own specs.

Now as a rider you can download a software program that allows you to program your lighting system through a USB port. You build a program and determine the number of light settings you want. The number of lumens output and run time for each program setting. If you need more run time no problem, just lower the light output. Want more light output crank up your lumens to the maximum. How about flash modes select from a list of available flash modes, you can customize your own flash modes entirely. With a simple click of the update button on the D.I.Y. Software screen, you download and store up to 4 programs in the headlamp of your Pro 600 or 1200 System.

That’s right, 1200 lumens put the Pro 1200’s light output in the same arena as some automobile headlights. The Pro 1200 accomplishes this staggering output by incorporating two of the most powerful single source LED emitters available today. Housed in two separate reflectors, one reflector acts as a “spot” and the other a “flood”. The resulting beam pattern is a perfect blend of both. The Pro 1200 also benefits from our unique D.I.Y. software. This internet based software gives you the flexibility to design your light outputs and flash modes to fit your riding needs, rather than being bound by inflexible manufacturer specifications. Brought to you from Nite Rider.


D.I.Y. Software -
Design your own specs!
1200 Lumens
8 Step Fuel Gauge
Quick Release Battery System
9600 mAh Battery
Borofloat Lens
Explorer Headband Compatible

The Pro 600 will change the way you ride your bicycle. No longer will you be limited by manufacturer’s specifications. With Nite Riders new internet based D.I.Y. Software you can now design your own specs. Need more run time? No problem, just lower your output settings. Want more light output? Crank up your lumens to the maximum of 600. You can even customize your own flash rate. With a fully programmable light, you are virtually limitless totally in control allowing you to tailor fit the light to your ride. A new quick release battery system makes charging fast and hassle free without having to fuss with Velcro straps every time you need to charge your battery. All of this with a new technology that fits into a headlamp weighing less than 100g, making the Pro 600 a truly all purpose light. All brought to you from Nite Rider


D.I.Y. Software -

Design your own specs!

600 Lumens

8 Step Fuel Gauge

Quick Release Battery System

7200 mAh Battery

Borofloat Lens

Explorer Headband Compatible

Pro 1200 LED LED 1200 (max) / 50 (min) lumens 2:30 /64:00 Hours 4:30 Hours Handlebar/Helmet Li-Ion 812g

Pro 600 LED LED 600 (max) / 50 (min) lumens 4:00 /48:00 Hours 3:30 Hours Handlebar/Helmet Li-Ion 605g

MiNewt.400 Dual LED 400 (high) / 200 (low) lumens 1:45 /3:30 Hours 4:30 Hours Handlebar Li-Ion 317g

MiNewt.200 LED 200 (high) / 100 (low) lumens 3:30 /7:00 Hours 4:30 Hours Handlebar Li-Ion 232g

MiNewt MIni-USB LED 110+ lumens 3:00 Hours 4:30 Hours Handlebar Li-Ion 175g

MiNewt Mini-USB Plus LED 110+ lumens 3:00 Hours 4:30 Hours Handlebar/Helmet Li-Ion 175g

SlickRock 900 HID 920 lumens 2:15 Hours 2:30 Hours Handlebar/Helmet NiMH 869

                                           Cycle Computers
The all new Rebel from Nite Rider takes cycle computers in a new direction. Nite Rider removed the clutter and confusion often associated with all the other cycle computers. The large, back lit easy to read display along with a simpler user friendly buttons. Make your next cycling computer a Nite Rider Rebel and make using it a breeze.

Starting at $22.98

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Different Skies Electronic Space Music Festival


In its seventh year, Different Skies Electronic Space Music Festival returns to Arcosanti for an evening of new, experimental, imaginative space music under the stars.

The Different Skies Music Festival presents an opportunity to hear new music performed after a week of intensive, experimental composition and rehearsal. The performers are electronic musicians that join together at Arcosanti to collaborate. The result is musical scenery of space and time.

5:00 pm Complimentary Tour of Arcosanti
6:00 pm Dinner
7:30 pm Performance

Tickets are $40 for both dinner and performance or $20 for the performance only ($10 students). Reservations are required for dinner. Call 928-632-7135, email, or visit for more information.

Arcosanti is located 65 miles north of Phoenix. Take exit 262 off I-17 and follow the signs for Arcosanti. For images, audio streams, and more information about this year's performer lineup, please visit the Different Skies website at

Host: Arcosanti - The Official Group

Type: Music/arts - Concert
Date: Saturday, 24 October 2009
Time: 18:00 - 21:00
Location: Arcosanti
Address: 13555 S Cross L Rd
Town/City: Cordes Lake Az

Fall Colors Flagstaff Az

Myself and Mike headed to Flagstaff on Thursday Oct. 8 2009 to check out the fall colors.

We headed out on the Hart Prairie Road Forest Road 151 out side Flagstaff on SR180 about 7 miles out. There was a lot of great aspen colors but seemed like half have changed and half haven’t and there were some aspen trees with no leaves at all. But there were a lot of leaves on the ground making for some cool photo’s.

I found the Hart Prairie Preserve looked like a great place to visit took a photo of a sign that told were to meet in Flag on Sunday for tours of the Preserve.

Did come across this aspen that had fall over blocking the road. As the road came to the T we took a right that heads over to Lockett Meadow.

My first time to Lockett Meadow the road up really sucked all dirt and in some spots it’s narrow. So if any one is coming down not much room but did I Minchin there is a 100 drop on the right side going up. So don’t think I’ll be bringing the toy hauler up here.

So Myself and Mike arrived to Lockett Meadow what a great place the view was superb and there is camping and day parking area. The weather was brisk and windy maybe 50’s there were a few car in the parking lot. The colors were awesome and there was more snow on this side of the peaks. I decided to head up on the Inner Basin Trail. The sign said it was 1.5 mile to Inner Basin right felt more like 2 miles.

Made it to some water sheds and a snow shelter for the snow survey crews. So to let you know there is a taped water spring so all you need it a water bottle. Made to the Inner Basin took a photo of me at 9800 feet and was the wind blowing. It felt like it was 32 degrees out now with the wind blowing. You could really see the snow as I was much closer now I think I was the only one wearing shorts out.

Checked the time wow it’s 430 had to head back wanted to get off the mountain before it got dark. So made it back to the truck and start the drive out of Lockett Meadow ran across four Mule Deer crossing the road.

So me and Mike had a great time can’t wait till the next trip. I couldn’t load all the photo’s on this thing so to check them all out head over to my Fliker acct at the high lighted blue link Till next time Darren…….

Flagstaff Fall Colors
San Francisco Peaks
Hart Prairie Preserve
San Francisco Peaks

New Growth
San Francisco Peaks Aspen Tree's so cool looking

Snow shelter

That's me in Inner Basin at 9800 feet & was it cold out felt like 32
Inner Basin
Inner Basin Trail
Lockett Meadow
Mule Deer

Get Out & Enjoy Life

Happy Jack’s Old Corral

I took Mike up to one of my favorite spots in Happy Jack on Thursday Oct 8 2009. The old corral a super cool looking corral with some history and a great place to take photo’s. The corral is where they use to hold & weigh cattle before shipping them to market on trucks. Was once owned privately but now the forestry department. The barn looking struck her is the scale where they weighted the cattle. I only loaded a few photo’s here but head to this link to see the rest Darren..
Happy Jacks Old Corral

Inside the scale

Old Latch
The front of the scale

Run way
Where they loaded the cattle in to weigh them and those are Elk hides hanging up.

Where they use to hold & weigh cattle before taking the to market
Old Cow Skull
The corrals
Frost on the fence