Crown King
Shot some photo's of a few APS workers working on a power pole in Crown King Arizona.

Packing up after a seven month stay. Job Finally over.
Flying Poles


Bell Rock Pathway

Temporary Closure

Sedona, AZ 

Temporary Closure of the Bell Rock Pathway
A portion of the Bell Rock Pathway Trail will be temporarily closed for reconstruction beginning November 30 through December 7. This temporary closure will allow Forest Service personnel and the Coconino Rural Environment Corps (CREC) crew to provide necessary trail improvements; installing water diversion structures, reducing soil erosion and to enhance the trail surface for continued public enjoyment.
Reconstruction will take place beginning at the Bell Rock Pathway Vista parking lot and will continue north to the big park trail intersection. The public is asked to please avoid the construction area during this time to allow for public and employee safety. Heavy equipment will be utilized in the area for the transport of construction materials.

For more information concerning this project, please contact
Kevin Lehto at 928-203-7526.

Fighting Against A Mandatory Sidepath Provision

Fighting now against a mandatory sidepath provision in the latest version of the Transportation Bill.
  Gathering signatures on a petition, which we will soon present to key Senators. 
We would greatly appreciate you forwarding the link to your members.
Here it is, with a little explanatory blub: 

The draft of the Senate's transportation authorization bill, S. 1813 Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act, includes language that would introduce a mandatory sidepath law on roads in our National Parks and other Federal lands. It requires cyclists on Federal lands to use a path or trail, instead of roads, if the speed limit is over 30 MPH and a trail exists within 100 yards, regardless of the condition or utility of the path. The provision sets a terrible precedent. Passing it would send the wrong message to transportation agencies that these policies are acceptable. Laws like this have been taken off the books in states over the past 30 years.. This takes us in the wrong direction.
Please sign the League of American Bicyclists’ petition
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Together, we can save cycling.