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Night Shooting

Heading home on Sunday night after working in Holbrook
thought I would stop and shoot photo's near Two Guns on I-40 
of the sunset and the approaching lightning storm.

I think they came out alright for the first time
shoot at night with the new Canon.
The lights above in the back ground are of a train going by.
These light above of the Am-Track train going past in the back ground.
The light above on the left a train coming and the right lights of the radio tower
The photo's above and below
are of I-17 near Stoneman Lake turn off
A trucker sleeping at the overlook on I-17
right before heading down the hill to Stoneman Lake

Timberline Flash Flood Area

An intense thunderstorm over the Schultz fire burn area that prompted the
National Weather Service to issue a flash flood warning

Photo's After Day One

APS Cholla Power Plant

Joseph City

Cholla Power Plant

The 995-megawatt Cholla Power Plant is located in northeastern Arizona in Joseph City. APS ( Arizona Public Services ) operates the plant and owns Units 1, 2 and 3, which are capable of producing 615 megawatts of electricity. PacifiCorp (PAC) owns the 380-megawatt Unit 4 - the largest unit at the plant. The two utilities participate in a seasonal power exchange in which PAC customers in the Pacific Northwest receive electricity from the APS system in the winter when their electricity demands are high and APS receives PAC power in the summer, during APS' peak demand.

Cholla is fueled by coal from the McKinley Mine in New Mexico.

Power Up