Recon Instruments
Introducing Transcend, Recon Instruments' collaboration with Colorado’s Zeal Optics. Transcend is the world's first GPS-enabled goggles with a head-mounted display system.

Minimum interaction is required during use, sleek graphics and smart optics are completely unobtrusive for front and peripheral vision making it the ultimate solution for use in fast-paced environments.

Transcend provides real-time feedback including speed, latitude/longitude, altitude, vertical distance travelled, total distance travelled, chrono/stopwatch mode, a run-counter, temperature and time.

It is also the only pair of goggles in the world that boasts GPS capabilities.

 USB charging and data transfer, and free post-processing software all with a user-friendly, addictive interface.

Just like the dashboard of a sports car or the instruments of a fighter jet, Transcend's display provides performance-enhancing data, but only when you choose to view it.

Safe, smart, fun...all wrapped up in the hottest goggle.
 Recon Instruments presents the world's first and only complete solution to incorporate TrueStats. Speed and Distance statistics measured with customized algorithms for alpine environments. Imagine 3D speed and distance statistics, measured in X, Y and now the vertical Z plane...and you have TrueStats.
 Recon Instruments offers the only GPS sensor to provide true speed and distance stats customized for Alpine sports. Skiing and riding inherently involve slopes and varying vertical terrain, and so the vertical speed should be combined with horizontal GPS speed to get a complete and true speed vector.

This is accomplished by using vertical speed from an altimeter and combining it with horizontal speed using a proprietary algorithm developed at Recon Labs.

This also produces more accurate distance results because distance is a result of speed multiplied by time elapsed at each sample.
 TrueStats is real time 3D Speed and Distance
another first from Recon Instruments.
Real time statistics: speed, altitude, vertical, and total distance odometers, run-counter, temperature, stopwatch/chrono mode, clock
Logs averages, maximums and minimums for each run and over your entire day
Full GPS and onboard sensor technology
Head-mounted, full-color micro LCD display
Several days of memory storage
Micro USB port for charging and data transfer
Google maps overlay
Total weight: 257 grams
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 6-8 hour run time based on operating environment English/French Language Imperial/Metric Units
Protective hard case
Lens cleaning bag
Micro-USB charger with
European and North American adapters
Recon HQ software for tracking your trips and sharing online

SPX model $399
SPPX model $499 CAN

Safe, smart, fun!
A dynamic company focusing on merging athletic needs in both performance and safety with up and coming technological advancements. Founders have extensive hands-on experience in both endurance sports and biometric feedback systems.

4iiii’s was born from a desire to improve the technology available for endurance athletes
Is a heads-up display that attaches to virtually any pair of sunglasses.

The compact unit displays critical performance data through seven multi-colored LEDs on a small boom that is positioned just outside your primary visual plane, allowing you to be safe and focus on the road while monitoring data.

Sportiiiis also provides audible data cues for precise feedback when needed.

 How does it work? Using the Mac, PC or Smartphone software, the LEDs can be programmed to visually respond to data from ANT+ devices.

For example, when paired with a heart rate strap, you can create a custom setup for how the LEDs will respond to your heart rate (or load a preset workout based on your personal data). This workout program is then downloaded to the Sportiiiis unit

In addition, with Sportiiiis' Tip-Tap technology, a simple tap on the side of the unit will generate an audible cue of your exact heart rate.

Starting Price $199.00
 Similar display profiles are possible for POWER, CADENCE, and SPEED.
Monitoring your race/workout data has never been easier or safer.

A double-tap will switch between paired sensors

Wickenburg Trails Connectivity and Transportation Study

ADOT seeks input for Wickenburg Trails
Connectivity and Transportation Study

The study team is seeking input from residents and visitors to identify recommended improvements to recreational trails and amenities, and connections to the transportation network in the Wickenburg area.

A public meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 4 from 6 to 8 p.m. with a presentation at 6:30 p.m.
 The meeting will be held at the Wickenburg Community Center at 160 N. Valentine Street.

The purpose of the study is to examine the current trails system and recommend improvements for connections throughout the Town of Wickenburg and the surrounding area.

Study maps and materials will be available for viewing and representatives will be available to answer questions.

In addition, the team will study ways to:
1. Improve connections, access and safety through the Town of Wickenburg
2. Identify connections between trail access points, downtown Wickenburg and key activity centers
3. Develop a comprehensive trails system for the Town’s General Plan
4. Recommend an improvement plan that identifies and prioritizes projects that may be implemented in the future

Please feel free to contact one of our study representatives
with questions or comments related to the study.

Sara Allred, ADOT Project Manager, 602-712-4498 or

Tricia Lewis, ADOT-Prescott District, Senior Community
Relations Officer, 928-606-2420 or

This study is funded by a Planning Assistance for Rural Areas (PARA) grant sponsored by the ADOT Multimodal Planning Division to address a broad range of local and regional planning issues related to roadway, transit and non-motorized transportation modes.

For additional information about the study or to sign up for future updates, please visit

4-Wheel Pedal Bike

Having debuted to the cycling world at Interbike 2011, the Contes Engineering Athos represents the arrival of a daydream into the real world. Inspired by BMX, Freestyle, Downhill and Motocross, Athos marries the intense stability and handling characteristics of a quad with the flexibility of a bicycle.
With over 8 inches of suspension travel and the weight distribution of a BMX bike, Athos attacks the track and trail with a vengeance. Four wheel independent suspension. Disc brakes, front and rear. Traction enhancing differential. Available air suspension. Just a few of the features that make Athos the next big thing in competition cycling.
You may have seen a prototype prowling your neighborhood. You may have even heard word that demonstrators would be hitting the track or trail near your in Winter of 2011.  

Stay up to date on our events page to learn just when & where you might be able to get your hands on one to try out. 

First retail deliveries will begin in April of 2012.
 Bump-eating independent suspension
 on the Athos

Additional Features
Powder-coated components
Nylon suspension bushings
Hand-welded and assembled
Uses standardized cycling hardware
for greater customizability
It draws a crowd wherever it goes.
Other riders move aside just to see it in action. 
It encourages defiance of gravity.
  It enjoys drifting, rock hopping and passing. 

League of American Bicyclists

To promote bicycling for fun,
fitness and transportation
 Work through advocacy and education for a bicycle-friendly America.

This by representing the interests of the nation's 57 million cyclists. With a current membership of 300,000 affiliated cyclists, including 25,000 individuals and 700 affiliated organizations, the League works to bring better bicycling to your community.

The League was founded as the League of American Wheelmen in 1880. Bicyclists, known then as "wheelmen", were challenged by rutted roads of gravel and dirt and faced antagonism from horsemen, wagon drivers, and pedestrians.

In an effort to improve riding conditions so they might better enjoy their newly discovered sport, more than 100,000 cyclists from across the United States joined the League to advocate for paved roads. The success of the League in its first advocacy efforts ultimately led to our national highway system.
If you care about bicycling,

Ford E-Bike

 Ford Rides into E-Bike Market
Have you noticed more scooters and bicycles on the streets lately? Alternate forms of transportation are officially mainstream, and that hasn’t been lost on Ford, which has unveiled the E-Bike Concept. That’s right, an electric Ford bike!

The E-Bike market is growing very, very rapidly, with some 30 million units sold globally last year,” explained Axel Wilke, Director, Vehicle Personalization, Ford Customer Service Division Europe. E-Bikes are being utilized for short-distance commuting, so Ford decided to respond by showing how easily its design language could translate to a bicycle.

Developed by a Ford Design team led by Executive Design Director Martin Smith, in partnership with cyber-Wear, the German brand behind the Ford Lifestyle Collection products, the Ford E-Bike Concept has been created from the ground up to appeal to both men and women.
 The E-Bike has a trapezoidal frame profile, and has been constructed from aluminum and carbon; the frame weighs about 5 pounds. The wheels have a six-spoke V-design, while the drive system is hidden, creating a clean, minimalist appearance. Power comes from a drive system featuring a motor in the front wheel hub, with a lithium-ion battery concealed in the frame, promising a range of up to 52 miles on a full charge.

The E-Bike Concept also has an integrated controller and patented magnetostriction sensor technology from the world of Formula One. Magnetostriction – don’t hear that word very often, do you? Magneotostrictive materials are used to convert magnetic energy into kinetic energy, and vice versa. In Formula One, these sensors help handle high engine revolutions in combination with intense thermal strains. They need no physical contact with other parts of the engine, are temperature-independent and are completely maintenance-free.

The Ford E-Bike is the first application of this technology in the bicycle industry; the sensors read the revolutions in the inner bearing and relay this information to the control unit within a hundredth of a second. The control unit then instantly activates or deactivates the electric motor, providing a seamless integration of the power of the legs with the power of the motor. Meanwhile, a handlebar-mounted display provides trip information and allows the rider to select from three support modes: Economy, Comfort and Sport.
 For you bike geeks will appreciate this:
The drive system is complemented by top-of-the-range bicycle components, including a Shimano Alfine 11-speed internal gear hub and a 2012 Shimano Rapidfire shifter. In place of a traditional chain is a Carbon Belt Drive System, making for a cleaner, lighter and more immediate transfer of energy. 
 Technical Specifications
Drive Unit:
Front wheel hub motor
Max. nominal power: 350W
Electricity: 36V – 250W
Supports up to 25km/h (to EN 15194)
Clutch with freewheel function
Gearbox: Planet gears
Integral sensor technology
 Battery:Cell type: Lithium-ion accumulator
Electricity: 340Wh, 36V, 9.3Ah
Charging cycles: 1000 cycles at 80% residual capacity
BMS (Battery Management System): protects against deep discharge and self-discharge Charge times: 80% after 2 hours, 100% after 3-4 hours (at room temperature)
Range: Up to 85km (depending on drive power and support mode selected)
Temperature range: -20°C to +60°C
 Controller display functions:Background lighting with light sensor system
Energy-saving automatic sleep mode
Diagnosis function with fault code display
Support modes: Economy, Comfort, Sport
Displays: Range, Battery capacity, Speed, Time,
Distance, Maximum speed, Average speed,
Total distance, Service reminder, System diagnosis,
Support modes iPhone Smartphone app control function planned
 Bicycle Components:Wheels: Mavic Elipse Aluminum black (modified with Ford Design crossing)
Tyres: Continental Ultra Sport black
Pedals: Wellgo LU-C27G, silver/black
Handlebars: Downhill Aluminum black, custom made
Stem: Giant SLR Carbon 110mm
Saddle: Selle Italia SLR XC
Brakes: Avid Elixir 5, full hydraulic, 185mm, white
Should Ford build the E-Bike for public consumption?
So far, there are no plans to produce it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t remain under consideration along with other mobility solutions Ford has planned for the future.

What do you think?