Bike Grill

 Fire up this portable grill on the back of your bicycle.
 The "Backbrat" is the ambrosial invention of Mathias Hintermann, a Los Angeles-area product designer who grew up in the fertile cervelat fields of Switzerland. One day Hintermann was considering two facets of modern urban culture more and more young people are cycling in groups, and groups sure do love outdoor grilling.

Backbrat is durable enough to handle high heats, the weight stays low thanks to a design employing silicone, fiberglass and a polyurethane insulator. The grill pan, meanwhile, is big enough to accommodate a sausage party of bratwursts, thuringers and frankfurters
Hintermann conceived of a convenient locking system
that keeps the grill from flying off your bike. 

Airless Tires

The Future of Bicycle Technology
ERW-Energy Return Wheel a new system has been developed to eliminate the need of air in bike tires, while still preventing the common occurrence of punctures, tube replacements, even pressure checks. the 'energy return wheel' concept by colorado-based designer brian russell demonstrates the possibilities of advanced wheel technologies.

Instead of air, it uses rubber stretched over a series of carbon nano tube reinforced composite rods to provide its cushioning. these rods can be adjusted, changing the tension of the rubber to suit different types of terrain,

Improves flexing and recoil cycling. with the intention of reducing weight, a 29er wheel made from carbon fiber is incorporated. further improvements include the possibilities of implementing a thin sidewall to keep mud and trail debris out for a more consistent ride.